• Michael Wood and Ricky Britner

The Phlegmatic

This temperament's driving force is "Peace at all cost" and "preserve energy." Most characteristics of the Phlegmatic come from these two things. As we continue introducing you to temperaments, you'll see that the phlegmatic is an even-keel.

Phlegmatic in the area of inclusion (inclusion - social interactions, surface relationships, and intellectual energies)

They tend to be the observer, extremely slow-paced and can be stubborn. This temperament seeks to do as little as possible so to preserve their mental and emotional energy. They tend to choose for what and whom to use their energy on. Mornings are difficult and getting a steady pace throughout the day is very challenging for them. Generating energy is mainly and mostly done by taking naps and sleeping. They have great ideas and talents, but they rarely have the energy to share them or work on them. The Phlegmatic is task-oriented with a great capacity for jobs that require precision and accuracy as long as there is peace and quiet.

Their strengths are that they can perform tedious tasks and relate to both people and tasks. They are calm, easygoing, extremely efficient, down the middle of the road people. They can function quite well in hostile social settings, being laid back and collected.

Phlegmatic weaknesses are that they can be unwilling to get involved, tending to be observers and appear not to care. The can use words that can offend and hurt people.

Phlegmatic in the area of control (control - decision-making abilities, willingness to take on responsibilities, and the need for independence)

People who are phlegmatic are incredibly well-rounded individuals who need only moderate control over the lives and behavior of other people. They are willing to accept just a moderate amount of control of their lives and behavior. When phlegmatics in control are being pressured or coursed into something, it can be nearly impossible to change. Phlegmatics in Control are to motivate because of their low energy, making decisions and taking actions uses up precious energy. They are the most stable of all temperaments, not having major issues with anger, rejection, or other destructive emotions other temperaments struggle with. The major complaints from loved ones is that they are stubborn and resistant to change because change takes energy. They will only change if they think its the only way to have peace. They tend to not see themselves as the problem or having an issue. Phlegmatics use their verbal abilities as a defense mechanism, sometimes humor and sometimes sarcasm and harshness. Phlegmatics in control strengths include the tendencies to be very practical, conservative, peace-loving and good peacemaker/arbitrator. Their weaknesses include indecisiveness, procrastination and very difficult to motivate.

Phlegmatic in the area of affection (affection - love, affection, and the need for deep personal relationships)

The phlegmatic in affection is calm, easy-going people who typically don't struggle with emotional outbursts. They are work towards keeping peace and calm in relationships. They can be seen as non-caring people and insensitive because they don't put a lot into relationships.

Their strengths are that they are well-balanced, easy going, non-demanding and promotes calm and peace. Their weaknesses include an unwillingness to become involved in deep relationships. They tend to observe rather be self-sacrificing for the greater good of a relationship. They appear unemotional and unexpressive. They struggle with having low natural energy to put into deep relationships.

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