• Andrea Hennessee

LFC's Biblical Foundation in Counseling

At Life Focus Center, the Bible is the foundation of our counseling. We are ministers of the Word!

There was a time when counseling was a key focus of Christ’s church, but much of today’s counseling has been turned over to the work of others who suggest ways that differ from the biblical pattern and are often in conflict or even opposition to it.

LFC's basis for counseling is nothing other than the Word of God (both Old and New Testaments). The Bible is our counseling textbook because the Bible deals with the same issues that counseling deals with. The Bible was written to help man come to a saving faith in Christ and then to transform him into His own image (2 Tim 3:15-17). Since counseling is the process of helping others love God and their neighbor, we can see no other reason to use any other text. Counseling is all about changing lives by changing values, beliefs, attitudes and behavior and there is no other source that can provide a standard for such changes. The Bible is the only source that tells us how to make changes in a way that pleases God.

Did you know that man was made to be dependent upon God? (Acts 17:28) We are not autonomous. From the very beginning, God’s word was a necessary factor in human existence. If we did not have the Word, we would have no personal ability to understand or make sense of this world in which we live. Adam didn’t just do. God told Adam how to do. Without God’s word, man is destined for misery because the universe and man would not be properly understood. Things would appear chaotic and ridiculous. There would be no standard or basis on which to make decisions. Since mankind has been created to be dependent, trying to rely on ourselves is rebellion and bound to fail. It is because of this rebellion that we are in need of Biblical counseling today.

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