• Andrea Hennessee

Billy Graham - Life and Passing

This past week, news broke that Billy Graham had passed away. He was known around the world as the greatest evangelist. He preached to over 200 million people all over the world. As I watched many clips of him speaking, I heard his message of eternal life and the powerful decision each person needs to make. The central point of his messages were about spending eternity in heaven with Jesus and His Father. I listened to his own story as he looked forward to going to heaven.

So much of biblical counseling is based on the eternal perspective. It is much more than resolving today’s issues—it’s resolving them based on an eternal consequence. Biblical counseling involves conversion, justification, sanctification and glorification. Graham preached that all issues in life are based on Jesus and a life given to Him. Counseling is always eternally focused… it’s a Christian's end goal. When one accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior, they work toward being as they will be in heaven. Graham's own story tells of what his hopes were for other people. He was converted, justified by his faith, was always going through the sanctification process, and is now glorified with Jesus in heaven.

In biblical counseling, we always seek to have every person understand each component of his/her life in Christ. While much of our efforts are assisting in the sanctification process, we always keep the big picture in mind.

Billy Graham was indeed known around the world as an amazing preacher, but he was largely remembered as a great child of God who lived to be as Christ each day, each time he spoke. His ultimate goal was to please God his Father. He spoke not of himself, but as God would have him. He is a great example of what we all can strive to be like because he followed the example of Christ.

We've included a link to a video for those that would like to take a moment to reflect on what this great man accomplished on his long - yet short compared to eternity - life on this earth.

Watch Billy Graham - I know I'm going to heaven video

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