Codependency Workshop

This fourteen week intensive therapy workshop will take you through a truth-finding journey to reveal your system of love, life and relationships. It practically addresses the manifest behaviors, emotions and needs of the codependent, while simultaneously introducing the precious truths of God's love. If you can relate to any of the attributes below, then this workshop is for you:

  • Believing a relationship with a significant other will fill the ultimate need for love.

  • Depending on relationships with emotionally unavailable people to meet your own needs.

  • Bound in relationships by performance (what I do) rather than core value and worth (who I am). 

  • Obsession with other people's problems and needs.

  • Overly caring for other people to the neglect of self-needs. Feeling victimized and "used" as a result.

  • Inability to say NO.

  • Tolerating mistreatment or abuse from people, while justifying their behavior and trying to defend them.

  • Avoiding conflict with other people to the point of being unable to speak true feelings or ask for valid needs, oftentimes countered by fits of anger or rage (passive-aggression).

  • Covering up for irresponsible people in life by lying or "filling in the gaps" to "help" them. 

This group meets on Tuesday nights from 7:00pm-9:00pm beginning on August 10 and ending on November 9. 


$25/night intensive therapy group.

Workbook purchase required.

Weekly homework assignments required. 


302 N Washington Ave, Ste 101E
Moorestown, NJ 08057

Thanks for registering!