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From Betrayal to Healing

This twelve-week intensive therapy group is for wives of sex addicts who are looking to recover from Partner Betrayal Trauma (PBT). PBT is a unique form of trauma that occurs within the relationship with your spouse. Betrayal is a process usually surrounded by lies, manipulation and emotional abuse. It leads to consequences of broken trust, a lack of confidence in that loved one, and a reality where you question everything you know just to feel safe again. You trusted in them, they broke that trust and created the trauma as a result. 

The loss of trust can occur when a person is unfaithful to their spouse. The issue is not just related or limited to physical relationships. Infidelity is a component of betrayal and can happen on different levels including emotional and relational levels. 

If you are unsure if your husband has a sexual addiction, below are some key indicators that can fit the description of a sexual addict (please note, that your husband doesn't need to and may not fit every bullet point, but may still have a sexual addiction): 

  • My spouse has been either disconnected during sex or has been hypersexual

  • My spouse has avoided sexual intimacy with me

  • My spouse has avoided emotional intimacy with me

  • My spouse openly looks at other women

  • My spouse flirts with other women in front of me

  • My spouse has inappropriate emotional relationships with other women

  • My spouse has participated in some type of online sexual relationship 

  • My spouse has masturbated in secret

  • My spouse views porn regularly

  • I have felt manipulated by my spouse to participate in sexual behaviors that I was uncomfortable with or regretted

  • My spouse has paid for live sex services of any kind (i.e. phone sex, prostitute, stripper)

  • My spouse has engaged in sexual acts of any kind with others

This group meets on Thursday nights from 6:30pm-8:30pm beginning on September 23 and ending on December 16. This group will skip Thanksgiving Day - November 25.


$25/night intensive therapy group.

Workbook purchase required.

Weekly homework assignments required. 


302 N Washington Ave, Ste 101E
Moorestown, NJ 08057

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